(4 days - 312€)

Mathildedal Ironworks village in South-West Finland provides memorable nature experiences, fascinating stories from the ironmills history, lots of activities and local fresh food from surrounding countryside. Experience the authentic milieu and the Finnish lifestyle.
Day 1: Have a nice walk in idyllic Mathildedal Ironworks village. Delve into the area’s history since 1850’s and into the life of present-day in Mathildedal and its people. Visit the historical exhibition, the local brewery, bakery and coffee rostery. Visit also alpaca farm and the alpaca mill with its shop.
Day 2: Visit the Teijo Nature Centre in National Park. Take a hike in the park with various route choises(2-16 km). Have a break, listen to the silence, enjoy the scenery. Make a camp fire and prepare your lunch by the fire from local food products. You can even try your fish luck with a hook and line from lake Matilda. After your nature experience take a traditional sauna by the lake or seaside and refresh in cooling water.
Day 3: Bike around all three ironworks villages in one day: Mathildedal, Teijo, Kirjakkala. Bicycle route 24 km. Hilly terrain along the National Park opens views to the seaside and to the lakes. Have a break in Teijo Ironworks village and visit the smallest stone church in Finland. Continue to nature reserve park and hike around it (2 km). Refresh yourself wild swimming in Hamarilake next to Kirjakkala Ironworks.
Package includes accommodation in shared double room with breakfast 3 nights, hiking map, campfire kindling and lunch box: coffee/tee or cold drink, locally made sausages, cookies. A map for a walk through the historical village, sauna (1 h). Bicycle rental for one day and sandwich& cold drink .
Price starting from 312 €/ person.
Reservations: Info@mathildedal.fi or +358 50 3542487.

Ruukinrannantie 6
25660 Mathildedal

(N 60°13.199′)  |  (E 022°54.204′)
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