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Thank You all for a great season 2021!

We are on vacation 19.12.2021 - 18.2.2022. Hotel & Café will be closed duroign this time.



Village life

The Iron Works village of Mathildedal  breathes cheerful village vibe, where community is still important on saily basis. Rough 1850’s Iron works environment hides modern village community, of which 140 residents few are enterpreneurs themselves. Leisure residents are multiplying the residents volume. The heart of the village is an old factory area, Mathildedal Iron Works (Mathildedalin Ruukkitehtaat), where our hotel is located. In 2003, Tuula and Harri Gustafssona arrived to the forgotten location and started refurbishing and developing the area for culture and travel. Tuula and Harri had a vision of the place and they made their dream come true. Many enterpreneurs believed in their vision and jumped in to make their dreams come true, here in Mathildedal.

Mathildedal on plate – food and drinks

Village of Mathildedal offers taste experiences from pizza to hand made chocolate.

Restaurant Ruukin Krouvi is located in the same building as hotel. The serve lunch buffet and á la carte meals from local products. 

From Mathildan Marina you can find sea oriented environment and menu. From this harbour restaurant is amazing view to Halikonlahti-bay.

Restaurant Terho is a livingroom for whole village, famous fror local beers and plank pizza, as wall as coffee from their own coffee roastery.

Bakery-Café Mathildankartano (Mathildedal Mansion) specializes in root bread and on their menu can be found daily meal, which changes with seasons. From bakery one can buy root bread to take home.

PetriS Chocolate café invites to enjoy hand made chocolate and pastry. Mouth wathering chocolate can be bought also to go.


Through out the time many small producers and craftsmans have found their way to village of Mathildedal. Within the radius of 50 m from Mathildedal’s Iron Works can be found numerous gorgeous small shops.

Huldan Puoti is an antique shop and a treasure boutique, where worn out items get a new life.

Idyllic workshop Kaarnalaiva offers handmade brushes & baskets.

Second Chance specialises into women and children’s fashion. Whole production process happens in Finland, from design until manifacturing.

Ruukin kehräämö ja puoti is manufacturing yarn from the wool of villages alpacas in the heart of Mathildedal. They also make fashion clothes from aplaca wool.

In Ruukin kutomo local ladies weave traditional Finnish decorating interior textiles.

Design Jaana Kähönen gives a time traveling trip to every customer, combining modern and traditional technology.

Up hill every beer friend will find Mathildedalin kyläpanimo brewery shop.

Culture and Activities

Mathildedal is a combination of culture, history and activities. For those in hunger for culture, Hotel Reception can give a Ruukkipolku map, or you can participate in guided tour of Mathildedal Iron Works. Tickets available from Historical exhibition of Mathildedal has a collection of machines and devices past few centuries.

Teijo National Parks routes start less than 1 km away from the hotel. Maps and route suggestions are available from reception or from nature center by Mathilda lake. Mathildedalin Keskus-puisto is offering activities for those you like to play tennis or paddle. Adventure golf is fun for the whole family.

Teijo Golf course is located 2 km to north.

Mountain biking and Fat Bike biking is very popular nowadays and bikes can be rent from several places around the village, Teijo National Park (Natura Viva) or Kirjakkala village. Meri-Teijo Bike Park is renting bikes as well, and you can enjoy downhill cycling. From hotel reception you can borrow our ”granny” bikes for free of charge.

Water sports as rowing, kayaking and SUP-boarding can be done on several lakes in Teijo National Park and on the sea. Utensils are for rent in Teijo National Park/Natura Viva and in Kirjakkala Iron Works Village, and from Mathildan Marina for the sea.

A cherry on the top for your day might me a relaxing sauna by the sea shore or lake shore. Sauna for rent is available from Natura Viva or Mathildan Marina.

More about current events, concerts, exhibitions and workshops on Facebook page: Visit Mathildedal.


February 14, 2021
2 days - 106 €/person

Travel to 1800 centurys ironworks life. Feel the village life of Mathildedal, idyllism, communality, old buildings and peaceful environment. Package includes: 1 night at 2 persons room in the hotel with breakfast A map for a walk through the Mathildedal ...

February 14, 2021
2 days - 106€/person

In the Teijo National Park you can experience the whole Finlands nature and its variations in the miniscale. Unique experience comes from the dammedlakes, stone structures, swamps, rugged cliffs and wooded forests. Package includes: 1 night at 2 person room ...

February 14, 2021
(3 days - 223€/person)

This packeage is for you, who enjoys peaceful walks in the woods, beautiful scenery and idyllic villages. Birdsong, campfire and unhurried is present. After the hike relax and refresh yourself in the traditional Finnish sauna & try wild swimming in ...

February 14, 2021
(3 days - 223€)

This package is for you who want to experience the idyllic village life in Mathildedal Ironworks village and enjoy the Finnish nature. Peaceful walks in the forests, beautiful scenery, melodious birdsong, campfire and nature all year round. Allow yourself some ...

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