Hotel & Café Mathildedal

Hotel opening hours

April - October 2023 daily
November - December 2023 open for groups by demand
January - March 2024 Closed

Café opening hours

April - May 2023
Sat - Sun  10:00-16:00

June - August 2023

September- October 2023
Sat - Sun 10:00-16:00


Open all year long for reservations in advance
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Open in Summer season for reservations in advance
Reservations for Summer 2024 start from October 2022.
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Ruukkimatkailu Oy

Mail address Merikulmantie 1784, 25570 Teijo
Tax number FI23348181
Verkkolaskuosoite ja OVT tunnus: 003723348181
operaattori: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503) 


Hotel & Café Mathildedal

Ruukinrannantie 6, 25560 Mathildedal
044 330 0082 (durong Café opening hours)
050 354 2487
GPS: Mathildan Puistotie
Map coordinations: (N 60°13.199′) (E 022°54.204′)

Meet the Team

Krista Gustafsson
Managing Director (tj)
  • Administration
  • Personnel
  • Invitation for tenders & group reservations
  • Contracts
Markéta Vacková
Hotel Manager
  • Event Co-ordinator
  • Market reservations
  • Hotel supervisor

Parental leave from 20.3.23

Tuula Gustafsson
Mrs Mathildedal
  • General affairs of the real estate company
  • Rental premises
  • Venue Valimo reservations
  • Exhibition
  • Marketplace reservations
Olga Tammi
Content creator
  • Content creator
  • Hotel coordinator (temp.)
  • Event coordinator
Ada Tammi
Café Manager (summer time)
  • Café manager
  • Food Creator
Sami Tammi
Wilderness Chef
  • Open fire dining
  • Nature programs for groups
  • Property maintenance


Rooms are furnished with quality domestic Unikulma beds and bedding. Furniture, decorative textiles and decorative boards are our own creations and discoveries from our grand parents or Huldan Puoti Antique Shop.

Our hotel cosmetics are made from ecological ingredients and packed into recycled materials.

Building and hot water is heated ecologically by geothermal heat. For guests staying more than one night we change towels and sheets only if asked separately. We wash our laundry close by, in Salo, to minimize emitions caused by transfer.

Café is furnished with old and refurbished furniture, its Re-use Library is entertaining our guests and the whole village. Our breakfast is designed so that food loss is only 2-4 %.

We use domestic, nature friendly detergents for our laundry and dishes. We recycle glass, plastic, paper and cardboard.

Every year we act to support and grow sustainable tourism, we take your suggestions with pleasure!