Place where the modern world meets the spirit of the olden days.

We want to wish all of you Merry Christmas. We are on winter break until spring. See you next year!

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Village Mathildedal

Mathildedal Village surrounding our hotel is a historical village full of beautiful places and views. The magic of red soil houses and the roughness of Iron works old buildings close to seashore takes your breath away. Authentic village life full of nature, peace, shops, craftmanship and history with a dash of culture.

In Teijo National Park you can experience the diversity of Finnish nature in mini size. Wild nature sceneries are inviting to enjoy restful spectacle of nature all over the year.

Mathildedal is located in South-West Finland, approx. 25km from Salo, 75km from Turku and 140km from Helsinki.

Hotel Mathildedal

Our idyllic eight room boutique hotel is in beautiful village of Mathildedal. Hotel interiors combines the historical vibe of Iron Works Village with modern technology and comfort. Hotel is right in the middle of the village so you can easily get to know the village by foot.

Hotel breakfast is served at the table. The breakfast combines local goods, traditional tastes and handmade products. Fresh coffee and leisured atmosphere complement the perfect breakfast experience.

Hotel Mathildedalin huone.

Experience Mathildedal

Peace with breath-taking scenery, that's our Ship Container rooms. The Ship containers raised on the roof of the old assembly hall offer a new kind of experience with an opening landscape windows. Lay on a bed and enjoy the scenery or sit on a lounge chair, open the window and follow the modern life of the old Iron works.

Our Ship Container rooms includes the same delicious table served breakfast as our hotel.

Merikonttielämysmajoituksen sisäänkäyntisilta ja auringonlasku.

Café Mathildedal

Delicious sweet and savoury pastry and handmade pasta, all made from local grown ingredients, will take you to an unbelievable taste travel. Café’s unique environment is a combination of leisure, friendly customer service and magical Iron Works vibes. A cup of coffee made with love and a handmade, fresh from the oven, cinnamon bun – can there be a better moment.


Kahvikuppi naisen käsissä ja korvapuusti pöydällä Cafe Mathildedalissa.

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