Cozy Luxury With Mellow Service

Hotel Mathildedal

Idylic 8 room boutique hotel is located in leisure breathing village of Mahtildedal, just around the corner of Teijo National Park, in southern Salo region. Hotel interiers combines the historical vibe of Iron Works Village with modern technology and comfort.


Café Mathildedal

Delicious sweet and savory pastry with hand made pasta, all made from local grown ingrediences, will take you to an unbelievable taste travel. Café´s unique environment is a combination of leisure, friendly customer service and magical Iron Works vibes. A cup of coffee made with love and a piece of hand made, mouth watering cake – can there be a better moment?

Meetings and Mathildedal

Perfect way to meet with friends and colleagues - have a meeting or celebration with us! Rustic conference and celebration rooms, delicious food supplied by locals, as well as quality accomodation - all of this is offering unforgetable framework for your occasion. We are able to deal with all practical arrangements for you, if needed. We are just about an hour trip away from Helsinki and Turku.

Village Mathildedal

Mathildedal Village surrounding our hotel is full of beautiful places and views. The magic of red soil houses and roughness of Iron works old buildings close to the sea shore takes your breath away. Village life full of nature, peace, shops, craftsmanship and history with a dash of culture.

In Teijo National Park you can experience the diversity of Finnish nature in mini-size. Wild nature sceneries are inviting to enjoy restful spectacle of nature all over the year.


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